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The Cerberus gaff is the brainchild of David Neighbors and myself. We developed it years ago, and like Triple Threat, we kept it pretty quiet all this time. The gaff is entirely original and unique, and was developed solely by Dave and I....so don't even think about knocking it off Jamie Schoolcraft and Dean Dill. Unlike Triple Threat, I hope they won't come up with any shabby excuses to copy our gimmick. And changing the name of it to "3BS" or some crap doesn't count either. I'd also like to mention that I have made many versions of this gaff and tried all sorts of variations, so if you add a piece of tape to it...or anything else, it's still not yours, no matter what Brad Henderson might say or imply.

Ok, now that we have that nasty business aside, we'll have a look at the gaff. Cerberus can be shown very cleanly and with close scrutiny as a silver dollar on both sides. When un-nested it can be shown as 3 different coins. A brass coin, a copper coin, and a silver dollar. Cerberus started out as a series of sun/moon coins to be used in matrix effects, giving you the power to be 2 coins ahead from the git-go. This was a gaff set with Dave Neighbors written all over it, so I asked Dave if he could come up with a couple routines for it. He flat out said NO. A week later 38 routines arrived on video to my doorstep along with a note explaining his disorder... I think 38 routines was the bare MINIMUM that he could come up with.

On the video was quite a variety of uses for this gaff set. There were a couple matrix effects that just totally smoked... one, starting with 4 different ungaffed coins, having them all arrive in one corner, immediately backfire, and then end completely clean. He had several color changes where you would show a copper coin, wipe it to a brass coin, wipe again to a silver dollar as you pick it up and show both sides...alot of cute little things like that. And that is just for starters, but it turns out that Dave broke the rules. He took apart the gaff set I had sent him and started arranging it in his own way ...the nerve!! And soon, as you can imagine, he was saying stuff like...wouldn't it be cool if you could do this and that. That was the last time I spoke to Dave, I stole all his ideas and took credit for them myself.

That's a joke. What we came up with was Cerberus. Cerberus is a double shell gimmick, the first shell being the silver dollar, of course. The second shell is brass, and the last coin is copper. Actually this last coin is a c/s coin, allowing you to show both sides of the silver dollar when nested. The only small discrepency was the edge of the middle shell being visible from the reverse side of the unit when assembled. I originally solved the problem by polishing the brass edge. This made it invisible for all practical purposes...until it started to tarnish. So I was having to shine up the edge fairly often. I have since changed to silver plating the very edge of the rim of the shell, which looks exactly the way it should, and no more shining.

I am sure that you will agree that this is another "limited only by your imagination" type gaffs. And Dave has plenty of stuff...from getting you started to 109 complete routines. I know he has a number of routines on dvd... I think 10, available from him, but if you bothered him and tipped him enough, he might cut loose with the other 99. I think he did mention that after the first 50 routines, be prepared to pay a bundle. No doubt they will be entirely worth it. Contact Dave at WWW.COINJURER.COM

Cerberus comes with my absolutely utmost precision made gaffs, hallmarked with the Lassen logo, and the 3 matching ungaffed, pristine coins. I will be making the sets with a variety of these nice copper and brass crowns, which are of limited number.

I am not going to speculate on exactly how many sets I will be able to make, but I do have limited inventory of the coins and replacements are getting quite hard to come by in quantity. I use some of these same coins for alot of my other gaffs, so I am not going to deplete my entire stock on Cerberus alone. When I get down to a minimum, that I will set, Cerberus won't be available again until, and IF, I can acquire more stock.