Rad Clad is Back. Updated 6/26/15

and taking no prisoners… UNHEARD OF PRICES



This is a fine, sturdy commercial expanded shell and 4 fitted coins. These are not mass produced, thrown together sets, they contain all the love.

These shells are manufactured to the exact same tolerances that I provide on my expensive silver sets. I don’t know how you could possibly get more bang for your magic buck than a set of these coins. Taken care of, I don’t know why even a cheap, deceptive set like this wouldn’t last for years. Nearly unlimited magic from a single $35 set of well performing coins that has been a magic standard for centuries. A fine quality product, made by a genuine U.S blue collar worker.

Click to enlarge…. and imagine the comfort of this set in your hand. The shell is on top, check the clarity of the definition intact. This is as good as it gets with a clad coin, the coverage is just right for invisibility from either side of the shelled coin. The shell is the same thickness as a normal coin and will pass the sniff test when lying next to a normal coin, as you can see. The inside of the shell is polished to a near mirror finish, in accordance with standards set forth by the late great Geoff Latta, who advised to me the importance of such feature, and which turned out to be oh so correct.