Rad Clad is Back. Updated 2/ 25/ 2015

and taking no prisoners… UNHEARD OF PRICES!

I have 20 sets of pristine Ike dollar Sun/Moon sets. The true sun/moon sets where you can switch out the dollar under the shell. The first 7 or 8 of these are even made from PROOF Ike dollars. Super shiney. Last time I sold these they were at an all time low… $85. I’ll let these 20 go for $77 a set. Includes Sun/Moon gaffus and switch out, matching date Ike dollar. I will include a teflon insert for anyone that wants one.

Announcing the return of split coins! Quarters $35. Half Dollar $36.

Quarter C/S sets. C/S is actually brass Peruvian coin. Nice contrast. State quarter head and shown side of brass on C/S. Includes matching Peruvian coin. $35.

Half dollar C/S sets. Includes matching date half dollar and matching penny. C/S coin shows heads Kennedy and bird side penny. $35.

Half dollar Jules Debarros “Coins of Ishtar” set. Includes two opposite C/S coins, matching date half and penny. $70.

Have the quarter shells and half dollar expanded sets available at present.

Expanded State Quarter Shells are here!

Buy a Brick of 10 and save, plus… who doesn’t want to own a bunch of quarter shells? Take them with you wherever you go! Sell them to your friends!

$190 for 10 Shells

Can’t handle 10? Up to half dozen use this button….


A note about the expanded State Quarters: The quarters vary in size by about .004 inch. To make things less apt to cause problems and lessen the possibility of a coin becoming stuck in the shell, these expanded shells should fit your largest quarters very nicely. If you want a perfect fit, try quarters in the shell until you find the ones that have no play whatsoever. They should be easy to find. To do your quarter penetrating bill effect… please choose a quarter that fits as loosely as possible in the shell to use for this effect, and don’t push too hard.. until you see how stuck it gets! That might be asking for trouble, as I have repaired these many times for customers that did not buy them from me. It will always be a coin stuck in a shell with Washington’s face from a dollar bill inside. Ha.

Keeping these available.