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Miracle Enjoyment Chinese Coins

4 Coins and Shell/W Milled Edges

4 Coins and Shell/ Standard Edge

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New U.S. Dollar Expanded Shell Set

I must say that this new dollar is far more handsome than the Sacagawea or the Susan B's. Not too fond of the George Washington side, but this side is very nice actually.

This is an ACTUAL picture of the expanded shell. The shell comes out with good definition and shows very minimal distortion. It is very sturdy construction, maximum coverage of the coin, and near invisible when looking at the nested coin in shell from the reverse side. The shells will bear the Lassen hallmark.

Lassen Utility Swiss Jewel Bearing Reel

I’ve re-engineered the standard utility reel into a whole new animal.

Anyone that has ever had to replace or repair the line on a P&L or Kirkendahl utility reel will kick up their heels when they see how fast and easy it is to totally disassemble, clean, re-thread, lubricate, re-assemble, adjust the entire reel and tension in only ten minutes!

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Ivory and Brass Okito Box Set

This is a custom set of 4 half dollar size Coin boxes with 2 lids. The set consists of a solid plug box, Boston box, slot box, and Okito box. 
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The New Cerberus

Cerberus is a totally new and unique gaff, developed by Dave Neighbors and I. It will open up a whole new world of possibilities. Learn more here.

Silver Eagle Expanded Silver Dollar Shell

I spent a considerable amount of time trying to get a good shell with these coins, and I am quite satisfied with these.  They have a very minimum amount of distortion on the face, the edges are very uniform, and the integrity is surprisingly good.  
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Beautiful Copper Or Brass 1811 Haitian Crowns

Magicians are always looking for this size copper or brass coin and there are normally about zero choices other than the $35 Sudbury Penny copies. These crowns are real numismatic eye candy for the scrutinizing beholder. The minting is perfect with crisp finite detail and uncirculated condition.

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