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The Lassen Gravity Flipper

The Lassen Gravity Flipper

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Due to popular demand, I am releasing a NEW design flipper coin that will lie flat on a table in open position and open easily with gravity only. The band groove is internal and unlike anything in existence today. The revolutionary new design is superior in every way to previous designs of this nature and is being patented.

This new design allows for easy installation of an especially tough band that will rarely break and hold up for hundreds (or thousands) of performances. The inner surfaces of the coin are polished to a near mirror finish and bear the Lassen logo. A real thing of beauty.

I have gotten all the bugs out of this.  It works smoothly and very quietly.  There was a problem with the dollar size insert making some noise as it opened in this type of flipper coin.  That problem is completely solved.

I will continue to make the standard flippers as well because I feel both designs have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on what your specific needs and handlings are. Both designs will also be available with magnets.

Until now, I have only let 2 of these newer versions out. A half dollar one went to Todd Diamond about a year ago, and one went to Lawrence Sullivan. Todd has been road testing his for about a year. I asked Lawrence if he would write a review when he received the dollar size coin. Lawrence obliged with a very thorough review and also had some great imput that helped improve the gaff.
Lawrence also suggested the name "Gravity Flipper" which I agreed seemed quite appropriate. Here is his review:

I have the pleasure of owning two different dollar size "gravity" flippers produced by two of today's top coin gaffers. Though both coins accomplish the same goal, the Lassen design does so with much more attention to detail, fixing the problems in the other gaffer's gravity flipper design. My magician friends who have handled both coins immediately preferred the Lassen - without being told beforehand who made which coin.

Without divulging trade secrets and allowing competitors to copy this superior design (if they are able to), here are some of the features which are improved in the Lassen gravity flipper;

1. The tension on the flipper insert is perfect, not too tight or too loose.

2. The trench cut allows for easier replacement of the band and looks far more elegant.

3. When flipped open, more of the insert coin shows, thus enhancing its deceptiveness.

4. A special new technique used for cutting the insert makes the cut not only more invisible, but also aids in preventing an annoying and loud clicking sound when opening the gaff.

5. The milling on the insert coin is slightly deeper. This is a small detail, but it does make the insert coin look more realistic.

I hope this information helps when you are choosing a manufacturer to make your custom coins the decision seems obvious to me. The slightly extra price* for this stunning gaff goes a long way, and the somewhat longer wait time to receive this coin seems trivial when comparing the two coins side by side. If you want a rudimentary second-rate coin that will arrive at your doorstep slightly faster, by all means go with other manufactures. If you want the best there is, buy a Lassen.

-Lawrence Sullivan

*Actually, as you see, I am setting my price lower than my competitors.