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Locking Sliding Shell Sets
These are the original locking sliding shell sets that I designed and manufactured in the past. They are all made by me personally. They are not made on computer machines; they are made entirely by hand. The utmost attention has gone into each and every gaff to assure the same quality you are used to with Lassen products. Each set is fine tuned for ease in handling. The coins themselves are "pristine" 1921 AU grade Morgans with original mint luster. Each set contains gaff with insert coin and 2 ungaffed matching Morgan dollars. NOW with Teflon coating!! No routine is provided.

Lassen Locking Sliding Shell Set, 1921 Morgan Dollar
  The Lassen locking sliding shell sets are also available in soft pre 1921 Morgan dollars with all THREE insert coins shaved and remilled to fit the gaff.

Half dollar size Lassen locking sliding shell sets

Half Dollar Size with all 3 coins remilled to fit gaff
  Due to increased interest I am now making these sets in your favorite silver half dollar. All 3 coins are remilled to fit the shell. These are great sets.