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4 Coins and Shell/W Milled Edges
4 Coins and Shell/Standard Edge

I am happy to announce a new Lassen product line....the Miracle Enjoyment Chinese coins. This is a set of 4 Chinese coins with unexpanded shell. On the deluxe set, the coins have fresh, sharp, hand milled edges. The holes have been precision bored to the same size so that everything looks right when the shell is placed on the coin.

Standard Chinese Coin W/Round Hole
Black Enamel Finish

I've wanted to produce these coins for a long time. I've had them made so that I have many options. I talked to dozens of mints until about a year ago when I finally found a good guy that knew what he was doing and seemed to understand all my requirements. Firstly I wanted a very clean looking coin with crisp characters. These coins are struck with mirror finishes on the face.. I had them made .030 oversize for gaffing purposes, ie...shells, etc. The holes are not punched into the coins as with many coins, this bends the coins slightly I've found. Instead the coins are stamped as blanks and I machine a hole exactly in the center with a boring tool. Now the coins are flat so that they slide against one another with a minimum of friction. There is no rocking and this allows a very clean finish in the hole with no burrs or big ugly chamfers around the hole. I also have another tool that is pushed through the round hole to create a square hole, so now I (you) have the option of either a round hole or a square hole. The coins are made of very good machineable brass, so the inside of the shell, etc., can be easily polished to a beautiful finish. These coins will also be available with black enameled surfaces for those of you that want a more standard looking Chinese magic coin.

These coins are the exact same size and weight as a silver dollar, unlike the thin ones on the market. And I did have a few minted that are Silver dollar sized and half dollar thickness...for special applications. I also had 100 of them made in copper.

I'm going to be making and selling these coins in a variety of ways....standard and custom order. I am having a half dollar sized coin produced exactly like these. They should be ready by July 2007. I know you will find them a cut above any magic Chinese coins.