Miscellaneous Items

Lassen Card Gaffing Genii

This is a fixture for re-adjoining your split cards. It employs photo dry mount paper and heat from a household iron. Makes perfect, crisp gaffed and shimmed cards.

Onosaka Style Coin Purse
Larger size with lining
Silver Shiners

Silver Dollar Size Brass and Copper Crowns

I acquired a variety of these beautiful copper and brass crowns. They are excellent for all dollar size gaffs. I am making c/s coins, hopping halfs, 2 copper 1 silver sets, etc. with these. I have also acquired some new copper coins that are just smaller than a silver dollar that can be used for sun/moon coins, scotch and soda, etc.

Beautiful Copper Or Brass 1811 Haitian Crowns

I bought an entire collection of these silver dollar sized Haitian crowns. Magicians are always looking for this size copper or brass coin and there are normally about zero choices other than the $35 Sudbury Penny copies. These crowns are real numismatic eye candy for the scrutinizing beholder. The minting is perfect with crisp finite detail and uncirculated condition. Both varieties age very nicely with a small amount of sweaty handling. They are exactly the size of an American silver dollar.  Most of these beautiful reproduction crowns were run in very small mintages, meaning there may only have been 500 or so ..TOTAL.. produced.  So I may have about half of them. It is quite rare to find nice pristine crowns like these, so I am happy to make them available to Magicians.