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Ivory and Brass Okito Box Set

Ivory and Brass Okito Box Set
Set includes a solid plug box, Boston box, Slot box, and Okito box.

This is a custom set of 4 half dollar size Coin boxes with 2 lids. The set consists of a solid plug box, Boston box, slot box, and Okito box.

These are made of a high grade yellow brass and the finest (and most expensive) alternative ivory on the market. The ivory has a beautiful grain, which may not be detectable in the pictures. The solid brass single piece core of each of these boxes makes for a marvelously weighted box. They have a very heavy feel to them and flip over effortlessly, yet the ivory adds a very soft and quiet feel when handling. I am impressed with the combination of these qualities.

All the tolerances were kept as tight as possible and the Okito box was NOT made to accept a shell. This is entirely possible, but I just like the fact that everything fits perfectly and each box fits the coins (and lids) exactly the same.

I made a lot of prototypes for different coin boxes this summer. I posted some pictures on the Genii board. These particular ones turned out to be my favorite design, due solely to the way they handle and feel.

Here is what Ruben Padilla, my first customer to receive a set of these boxes, says:

"Hi, Todd.

I received the boxes yesterday.  Where are the instructions???  How do I work these things???

Just kidding. 

They're absolutely beautiful.  The most attractive coin boxes I've ever seen.  And as pretty as they are, they feel even better.  Smooth, creamy, soft.  Touching these boxes is like touching a woman's breast.  (You're not going to find a better endorsement than that... :-)

I want you to know that they're not going to sit on a shelf, hidden from everybody's sight except the guy who bought them.  I plan to use them, they will be lovingly performed with, and I know will draw the admiration from all my audiences.  I'm now the owner of a true work of art, and I appreciate it."