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Ramsay Stacks
I have changed the design of my rigid Ramsay stacks. The new design is much more solid and much more elegant looking. It also allows me to make a bigger diameter hole in the center. I won't go into detail, because competitors swipe every hint they can off my site, but I no longer use pins to hold them together. The integrity of these new stacks is much greater than the pinned stacks. The stacks are normally made to look slightly askew on the outside.

Half Dollar 4 Coin Rigid Stack
New magnetic Ramsay stacks

I have designed a new stack for the Ramsay cylinder and coins routine. The stack is magnetic. The coins can be shown to move around in any direction and even spread to a certain degree. This is a very convincing stack since there is no pivot pin. It can be used as either a 3 coin or 4 coin stack. I have some other rather secret work on this stack which I will share with serious customers. For great reasonably priced leather cylinders contact Frank at: theambitiouscard.com
Silver Dollar 4 Coin Rigid Stack