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The Last Reel You Will Ever Buy

Lassen Utility Swiss Jewel Bearing Reel

The Utility Reel is a powerful tool for the Magician, with so many applications that are sometimes overlooked or forgotten.

I’ve re-engineered the standard utility reel into a whole new animal. I suppose most of you have repaired your P&L or Kirkendahl reels if you use them. Anyone that has ever had to replace or repair the line on a utility reel will kick up their heels when they see how fast and easy it is to totally disassemble, clean, re-thread, lubricate, re-assemble, and adjust the entire reel. The amazing versatility of a utility reel may have been shunned in short order due to amount of maintenance required to repair them. Many are discarded the first time the thread breaks. I’ve heard a tale or two of Kirkendahl leaving behind a sizable stash of his customer’s reels that were to be repaired.

Imagine, taking the reel apart, re-assembling, and ADJUSTING THE TENSION of the spring AFTER the reel is assembled…all in about 10 minutes! The reel can be wound up, spring tension finely tuned and set in just seconds. The spring never needs to be removed from the inner spool, but changing spring qualities is a simple matter if so inclined, and/or your application requires further modification.

The inner spool is supported solely by bearings and the bearings are adjusted by a tiny screw in the middle of the reel. This tiny screw has a ruby jewel bearing cup on the other end, this is finely adjusted after the reel is totally assembled.

This set-up, of course, makes for smooth and quiet action. The special spring that I will use in the standard reel will allow the line to smoothly extend about 4 feet under normal tension, and about 2 ½ feet under heavy tension. Heavier springs may also be used.

The line I am using is a 4 pound test, but is only .006 inch in diameter. You may choose any mono-filament line or Kevlar thread. The reel will hold 8 to 10 feet of line.

I have made up dozens of prototypes for coin attachments, cig-vanishers, silk hook-ups, etc. I’m thinking that depending on your needs, some of the attachments will be included with the reel.

The reel is designed to have almost unlimited ways of attaching itself anywhere. These will be included.

I’ve designed attachments that will allow you to do all of your favorite routines and NEVER have to hold the reel in your hand. The reel will always be out of sight and EVERYTHING can easily go away when the time has come to quickly clean up and leave your hands empty.

I’ll be making these reels in small batches starting early summer 2007. Anyone wanting to get on the list for the first run should email me, or call me and speak to me specifically about what accessories you may be interested in.