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Sun and Moon Sets
Half Dollar Sun and Moon Sets and copper/silver coins are available in New Zealand, South African, Irish, Australian, and English pennies. On the silver side..Barber, Walking Liberty, Ben Franklin, and 1964 Kennedy.

I have a large variety of new copper coins that be used in conjunction with any silver dollars to make dollar size sun/moon sets. You can see some in the new items section.



Half Dollar Size
Unless otherwise requested, are made with expanded penny shell that will also fit ungaffed half dollar. Matching silver half is provided.

1964 Kennedy
Walking Liberty
Uncirculated Walking Liberty
Ben Franklin
Uncirculated Ben Franklin


Dollar Size
Unless otherwise requested are made with unexpanded copper crown shell with shaved and remilled silver dollar c/s insert (the edge on the silver side of the c/s coin is remilled). Also includes shaved and remilled silver dollar that will fit the copper shell


Reverse sun and moons with silver outer and copper inner are also available.

These sun and moon sets are designed to accommodate Roger Klause's beautiful Soleil Et Lune routine and allows you to do the very clever switch that roger uses in his routine.