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Unexpanded Shell Sets with 4 Shrunken Coins
I have found that many coin magicians prefer these sets…and for good reason. The coins are shaved and then perfectly re-edged to resemble original milling. The shell is not expanded and therefore has zero distortion to the face. Ordinary silver dollars are not perfectly round after stamping, but when the 4 insert coins are turned down to fit the unexpanded shell they become perfectly round and all exactly the same size. They will fit the shell better; it makes for an amazing fit. The new milling is crisp, even, and sharp for edge-gripping superiority. I broach each line back on the edge, one line at a time, 180 times on each silver dollar, to attain the absolute best edge on each coin.


Dollar size with 4 shaved and remilled coins

Half dollar size

Other coins please inquire.